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Postby makeshiftstar » Thu Oct 20, 2016 6:08 pm

I have had a terrible experience with Viking Van Lines (2 Mycroft Ct Reisterstown MD 21136). This company is a complete scam business. Below is the complaint I submitted to the BBB.

My Story:

My sales person from Viking is James Shepherd. When I first filled out my moving information, I submitted that I was moving a large one bedroom and received a quote based on that (which states that it is 200 cf or 1400lbs) for $1,500. I spoke with James and he asked me to provide an inventory and I stated that all of my belongings was in storage, so I didn't know how many boxes I had. He assured me that all he needed was my larger furniture itemized and then to know what size my storage unit was. I gave him my itemized large furniture list and the size of the storage unit. I got another quote for $1,700 (which states that it is 252 cf or 1764lbs). Mr. Shepherd being the sales person at a moving service, I trusted him that the cubic feet and the binding price quote was correct and fitted my needs. I also expressed to Mr. Shepherd that I was on a tight budget and could not go any higher than the $1700. He assured me that the price would only go up $100-$200 but no more than that.

Fast forward to the day when the moving crew came to pick up my items. The movers were lovely, BUT said that I had absolutely no boxes listed on my inventory list and that they would be an extra charge. I explained about my conversation with James and the movers informed me that there is no way I could make a move with 250 cf and that the person I spoke to on the phone should have told me that. I picked out 28 boxes and they said with the 'extra boxes' my cost increased by $1200! I had to borrow funds to pay the additional money. When I called Viking while the movers were at the storage unit, James Shepherd was due to arrive in 30 minutes. When I called 1 hour later, James Shepherd was due to to arrive in 2 hours. I emailed him, I left a message for him to call me back to no avail. I spoke to another employee at Viking who couldn't find any of the comments I added to my inventory. He referred me to Customer Service where had to leave another message. This was on Monday, October 10th.

That Wednesday, I called Customer Service again and spoke to a woman who said that I had to speak to a manager. I said I needed to speak with the manager that day and she said the manager wasn't in that day and they had 48 hours to contact me. I never received a phone call.

I called again on Monday, October 17th and had to leave a message. I called again on Thursday, October 20th and spoke to someone in Customer Service who said that I have to speak with a manager and the manager has 24-48 hours to return my call. I explained that yes, I was told that THE PREVIOUS WEDNESDAY and have yet to receive a call from the manager. I have YET to receive a phone call from this company.

All I want is to pay my original quote amount for the move and hopefully receive my items non-damaged and in a timely fashion. They didn't even move all of my things. After spending $3000, I still have to go to another moving company and get the rest of my stuff!

Viking Van Lines trick you by withholding information then charge you outrageous prices once you have no other choice. They have lied and cheated. They are a terrible company with no customer service. DO NOT USE THIS MOVING COMPANY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!

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Re: Viking Van Lines is a HORRIFIC SCAM OF A COMPANY

Postby Jeff.Walker » Fri Oct 21, 2016 8:51 pm

so, do you have all of your items from Viking, or have they not delivered yet? If not, I'd recommend contacting MoveRescue immediately and see what they can do to help you. I would also recommend reading our article "I’ve Been Scammed! What now?" to see what you may or may not have tried at this point.

If you have not yet received your goods, your most important thing on your agenda is finding out where your items are being stored. This will give MoveRescue something to work with and hopefully you'll see your goods again.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Good luck!

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Re: Viking Van Lines is a HORRIFIC SCAM OF A COMPANY

Postby tdaily4 » Mon Oct 24, 2016 3:29 pm

Do you Google the company and read reviews. It is very important to read as many reviews as possible before deciding on the company that will do your move. Cheapest is not always the best.

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